The Central Outpost

As you well know, the Central Outpost is highly selective with the clans it chooses to endorse as genuine gaming organizations. Our standards are high. Becoming an approved clan is not an easy trial to pass, but when your clan does, our Seal of Approval, personalized with your clan's identification number, is readily available for placement on your clan's web site. It's the best way to show off your clan's approved status to Internet users, and you can take pride in displaying it.

If you want even more than just the digital version of our Seal of Approval, we offer it to you in the form of an official certificate, created by and shipped directly from the Central Outpost!

The certificate states that your clan is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization. It will be signed and dated, and specifically contain your clan's name and its identification number. The certificate is printed on crisp, aged paper with an elegant, highly-detailed black and gold border, it is notarized with the Central Outpost's emblem within a silver seal, and it is presented within a professional, black, linen-textured jacket, accented with gold foil.

This certificate from the Central Outpost is an excellent way to commemorate the clan you lead or the clan you're a member of, and it's yours free when you make a $35 donation. So not only will you be aiding the further development of the Central Outpost community, you'll be getting something directly in return. Simply click the button below, and all you'll need is the will to donate and a shipping address: