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We have released a new Header for our website. Also we are currently working on a new layout along with new ranking system.

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Welcome to Los Santos Law Enforcement. This clan provides law enforcement experiences that relates to policing. The L.S.L.E is an Xbox One and PS4 clan for G.T.A V (Grand Theft Auto V). This clan is to help individual understand law enforcement experiences and procedures. We are a realistic role play clan, self disciplined, courteous, professional, and respectful. Our role plays works in a Crew only Session or a Invite only Session within the G.T.A V game. The role play consist of, Sheriff, Firefighters, Criminals, and more. Our crooks are just as trained as cops, for both position you will need to be train upon to be certified. Any misconduct that is going to throw any role-play off, there will be suspension given out those individuals. In this clan we strive for giving the education about law enforcement to those who may be interested in the following the Criminal Justice Path. L.S.L.E role-play's resides within the Santos city. These precinct's have dedicated members who strive to protect and serve their city. We have a large number of crimes within the Los Santos County, and Blaine County. We need your help in deterring / detecting crime and putting criminals behind bars. Team-work is the key, meaning that we need your help in order to make these precinct's bigger and stronger against crime.
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(PlayStation) Grand Theft Auto V
(Xbox) Grand Theft Auto V
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July 21, 2013
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July 2, 2019 at 10:34:54 pm GMT
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