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The staff here at Emergency Response Gaming is excited to share our realistic role play experience with you! We offer realistic police vehicles with the most enhanced ELS lighting on all of our vehicles. We inject scripts into our patrols to help create most life-like experience possible which is why E.R.G. truly stands above all of the other role play clans that are out there. We communicate via the most realistic communications center to exist in GTA V gaming in Teamspeak 3. We look forward to delivering this immersive experience to you! ERG can be described as a Clan focused mainly on GAMING and having fun but with the right amount of professionalism for Role-play during scheduled patrols. Comprised of fictional but GTA V relative Agencies such as Los Santos PD, San Andreas Highway Patrol, San Andreas Fire/EMS, Blaine County Sheriff's Dept., and San Andreas Emergency Communications. We do not demote and reprimand members for missing patrols due to real-life priorities and we are more interested in members with the right attitude and personality than experience. We have worked very hard and contributed a substantial investment to create (what we feel) is a very appealing Clan founded on having fun as gamers while keeping it classy for RP.
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(PC) Grand Theft Auto V
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April 28, 2017
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April 5, 2020 at 02:26:48 am GMT
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