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Fragging away on our 2 Battlefield 4 Servers and our BF3 TDM server. And also DayZ and Arma3 Exile!!

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We are a multi-national clan with members from all over the world. We are currently recruiting members 18 and over. There are exceptions to this rule. If you act mature and get along with the older members you may be considered for acceptance.
Games Played (right)
(PC) ArmA 2
(PC) Arma 2: Dayz Epoch
(PC) ArmA 3
(PC) Battlefield 1942
(PC) Battlefield 2
(PC) Battlefield 3
(PC) Battlefield 4
(PC) Battlefield: Bad Company 2
(PC) Borderlands 2
(PC) DayZ
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December 28, 2010
Last Updated (right)
November 16, 2018 at 06:46:55 pm GMT
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