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Los Santos Police dept is based on the HIPCAR concept. You can find this on our application. Our community is based around Dallas County, Departments are part of each area, Police County and Los Santos PD Also working with Los Santos County Sheriff, Fire/EMS. Those of you interested please read over the above requirements again above and consider joining a GTA: V community that is run by experienced Command Staff and Head Admins. If you are looking for a highly competitive community that has lots of shootings and stuff like that, this may not be the community for you. This community relies on realism for role play. Not every call is a "shots fired" call. So you will not have that all the time. There will be mock fires, injuries, and other crime-related calls that officers need to respond to. As well as your basic patrols of traffic and investigations, and any other crimes committed. Your job is important to the citizens of Los Santos to protect and serve them in any way to keep them safe and to arrest or eliminate subjects doing wrong to keep the citizens safe. Bring them to justice and let the courts decide their fortune or fate.

If you are looking to join a GTA: V Community, Please Consider submitting an application below to be one of the protectors of the city. POLICE, SHERIFF, TROOPERS, FIRE/EMS, and Communications are all looking for members. Based on how you perform and your professionalism, and initiative, you may be moved up IF we think you can do it. Do NOT ASK FOR ANY ADDITIONAL Roles. We/Us decide.
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November 11, 2015
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September 26, 2020 at 01:40:20 pm GMT
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