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We are a community of Gamers, from all corners of the globe, of different backgrounds and occupations. Our goal is to become a large and fun community which produce quality casual/competitive teams and players.

The history of the community dates back to early 2012 when it started off as a Counter Strike 1.6 clan between a group of friends, based in Sri Lanka. Instead of going local, recruitment spread to all parts of the globe and the community started taking its form as players diversified the games they played.

Our Teams comprise both casual and competitive players, the environment we bring them together in makes it difficult to distinguish a casual player from a competitive player. Our administration consists of dedicated individuals that share their skills and talents on a volunteer basis to maintain the ideology of the community.
Games Played (right)
(PC) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
(PC) Rust
(PC) Warface
(PC) Warframe
Member Since (right)
October 24, 2016
Last Updated (right)
September 18, 2018 at 10:21:02 pm GMT