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Developing a Relationship with Members
by "Cedric(GoH)"
July 24, 2006 (Last updated on May 26, 2007)

Another important thing is to attempt to develop a relationship with every guild member. Of course that's not always possible. Smaller clans are better off. They tend to know each other better which makes for great interaction. From day one get that rolling. Having other people recruit in your place often doesn't work out well. Leaders usually have the ability to find good members and can separate good from bad. Many things can determine this.

Keeping The Peace

Also, keeping the peace between guild members. Often times there are personality conflicts. Sometimes members go at each other's throats. Not everyone will like each other. That's a big problem leaders face; keeping people in the clan who dislike each other. Often times, if left alone members will sort things out between each other. If a leader is dragged into a fight; it's smart to play the devil's advocate or the neutral role. Often times I ask, "What can I do to solve this problem?" Both sides give an answer and you go from there. Sometimes people step over the line whether they are senior guild members or new members. More than not warning the person will do the trick but the occasion does arise where the old boot is required.

Members are what make guilds and more than not fresh blood is a great thing. It keeps everyone on their feet and the ability to get to know the new people. Once you draw someone out of their shell they'll usually open up.

Guild Hoppers

A problem every guild faces. Guild Hoppers are every guild leader's nightmare. Often times they use the guild to attain their own selfish goals. Then move onto another guild. A strict stringent recruiting policy oftentimes does away with "hoppers". You do have to stick your neck out on the line. It's just a fact that every guild faces. It's best to recruit people who have never been in a guild. I hope this article can help some guild leader(s).