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Clan Creation: An Inside Look
by Tribus of The Tribe
July 24, 2006 (Last updated on August 1, 2007)

When it comes to clans, and leadership of clans, there are many ways to be successful. Creating/leading an online gaming clan is not a simple task. A lot of people sometimes think that it is, and in my opinion, that is the first step to failure. There are a lot of things that need to be understood, and learned, before setting out on the journey to create, and run an online gaming clan. This article will delve into the world of creating, administering, and leading a successful clan. I hope this article will help out some of the future clan leaders out there, and make the clanning world a better place for all of us.

One of the first things that needs to be considered before setting out to create a clan is, to ask yourself "Why do I want to create a clan, instead of joining one?" This question has many different answers for many different people. One answer would be that a clan like the one you want, doesn't exist, or you believe that your purpose in gaming is to develop the ultimate dominating team. Anyway, once you have discerned your reasons for creating a clan, and if they are valid reasons, you have to move on to deciding what you want to offer in a clan. Do you want to be a multi-gaming clan, single game based, or just a group of friends who play together. A lot of the time clans are created by a groups of people, instead of just one person, that all share an interest in one game, and they end up forming a clan out of those friendships.

Now, that we have discussed reason's for wanting to create a clan, we move on to some more complex issues to decide on. One of the first things that you should decide on is, "Do I want a full online presence?" Or, "Do I want to remain a in-game only presence?" There are so many different type of clan's out there that I have narrowed down a lot of choices to these three:

Full online presence: Here is a list of things necessary to become a full-blown online gaming clan, with all the bells and whistles. Granted not everyone can handle, or afford these things, and they are not all necessary to achieve your goals for your clan.
  • Hosting packages
  • Website
  • Forum system
  • Ranking/leadership structure
  • Clan Charter/Rules
  • Voice servers
  • Game Servers
Not every clan needs all of these things, but if your goal is to run a full service clan, these are things that are all attractive to potential clan members, and enable the communication necessary to keep things running in an efficient manner. The costs associated with a full service clan are very high, and in most cases cannot be afforded by only one person. Most large online gaming clans support themselves, via donations by it's members, or advertising. I prefer the donation method as it cuts down on unsightly advertising.

In-Game only presence:

The in-game only presence is a very cost effective way to operate a clan, however this has it's draw backs. With an in-game only clan, time, communication, and schedules become serious issues. The pluses however are that you don't have a lot of the costs, and management of a website. With an in-game only clan the requirements of people to be online, and communicate to get anything done, tend to be overwhelming for a lot of people. Don't get me wrong though, sometimes a little in-game only clan with around 10 members can be the most fun you'll ever have in a clan. In fact tight little teams like this can be among the best there are.

Website, and forums clan:

This tends to be the most often seen type of clan out there. Basically this is the same thing as an in-game only clan, with only a fraction of the costs of a full online presence. Communication is very simply done via your forum software of choice, and messenger services. The drawbacks to this type of clan would include, website management, member management, and forum management.

A website, and forums clan, has a lot of extra tools that an in-game only clan doesn't have, and makes for good impressions to possible new members. This type of clan also has a lot of the features of the full online presence clan, like a clan charter, out of game ranking structures, etc. So this type of clan ends up being quite common due to it's attraction, and ease of communication amongst it's members.

An insiders look:

In my experience with being a member of a clan for a few years, and running a clan for over 2 years. I can honestly say that I love the clan world. I love gaming with the great group of members that I have had the great opportunity to play with over the years. I can honestly say that running a clan is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It is however extremely demanding of my time, and it takes a dedicated person to embark on this road. It is easy to say "Hey, I think I'll start a clan." but, the reality is that in order to run a successful clan, you have to really care about what you're doing, you have to put your members before yourself, you have to respect everyone all the time, you have to be able to put yourself out when necessary to better your clan, and most importantly you have to have fun.

Clanning is truly all about gaming, and fun. If you are not having fun, then perhaps it's not for you. I hope that this little article gives someone some type of insight into what they are embarking on when wanting to create a clan.