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Awards and Events
by "Immortal"
July 24, 2006 (Last updated on August 18, 2007)

  • Awards can be a good way to get members involved in the clan. It gives them something to do to keep their interest.
  • It gives members something to work for. You can give awards to reward members for doing something good for the clan. Members will start to work hard for the clan so they can get awards and it will make them more loyal to the clan in the end.
  • Awards can make the clan better at something. If members arenít recruiting enough make an award given for recruiting a certain number of members that stay in the clan. You could also have an award for very active members which will in turn make members more active.
  • Here is a list of awards my clan uses:
    - Recruit five members who make it past Initiate rank
    - Recruit ten members who make it past Initiate rank
    - Win or meet requirements of one of our events
    - Be a very active member
    - An award given for doing certain random deeds - An award given for earning all other awards, very prestigious
  • Events are another great way to get members involved. What better way to get a members interest in the clan than to schedule an event with clan members.
  • You can also schedule inter-clan events. Schedule events that involve members from your clan and an allyís clan. This will not only get members active it will get them to make friends with the other clan. This will make the relationship between your clans improve.
  • Some ideas for events could be a tournament, a quest, recruiting a certain number of members, getting a certain score, dueling matches, finding certain items, a race, etc.
  • There are many, many different things you can do for an event that can be planned easily and benefit the clan a lot.
  • Try to think up unique ideas for an event. These type of events are the ones that get the most members interested.
Awards and events are some ways to improve member interest and activity. It still takes quality members to make events and awards worth it though so make sure you get all the quality members you can.