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Recruitment Methods
by "MadMardigan"
July 24, 2006 (Last updated on May 26, 2007)

Chances are if you're reading this, you're a new guild master or an old guild master looking for some new tips. Starting a guild is hard unless you're organized (see the other articles on this site relating to organization) but even harder to recruit members.

You don't have to follow every tip, this is just an objective idea of helping you get a strong member base. I will present the method then list the pros and cons of that method.

Method 1

Play a game with other people thus getting to know them faster and how they play, etc. This is a good way of determining if you should invite them to apply to you.

Pros: This is probably the best way of recruiting, you get most of your information about the person by the way her acts in public games. You don't want some loser who likes to flame others for no reason, you want a person that can play mature.
Cons: The only con I can think of is that the person might say no to joining. So if you want to recruit, I suggest this method as your top priority.

Method 2

Spam chat rooms in the game or spam the game.

Pros: It gets your name out to a lot more people than method 1. People may be intrigued with how you word your spam, so word it a way in which you'd think it'd be something you'd click on.
Cons: People don't like spam. Most likely, you'll be flamed. People might not respect you or your guild if you have to resort to spam. In The Phoenix Avatars (PA, my guild) we try never to resort to spam. Spamming sends the signal that you're desperate for members. You also may get undesirables trying to apply to your guild, something you have to screen for (see the other articles on this site).

Method 3

Put a nice message on various forums relating to the game(s) your guild plays. Make it nice and formal, make yourself appear as mature and they will come. Think of it as the people who read it are potential employers and you're the applicant. You want to present yourself as something they'd want to invest their time into.

Pros: A large volume of people read message boards and if they're going to a guild recruitment forum, chances are they're looking for a guild to join. This is probably the second best way behind Method 1 to recruit.
Cons: No one might read it if you don't pick the right forums to post it in.

Method 4

Talk to real life friends and tell them about your guild if they play the same game as you.

Pros: Very high chances of getting them to join. Communication with them will be very high because you get to see them.
Cons: They may not want to be lead by you, in which case you have to make the decision to make them a leader or not invite them in.

Method 5

Break off a guild you're in right now and take members with you. If you see that many members are upset with the current leadership but the leadership won't change, then take it upon you to set things right and offer members a new hope with your new guild.

Pros: You can get a lot of members this way.
Cons: Frowned upon by the current guild leadership. You can also cause the guild to fail.

Method 6

Join voting sites. Voting sites are sites like the Central Outpost where you click on a link and try to get your banner up there.

Pros: Many people will see your banner and click on your link. It gets your name out there.
Cons: You get other guilds jealous of your success emailing you with threats. Happened to me smile

All of these methods can be useful if you do it the right way. Some of these methods have been used in the past by PA and have worked very successfully.

Please keep in mind before you let just anyone in, you should screen them (see the other articles on this site about recruitment and guild expansion).