The Central Outpost
Ranking System
by "Immortal"
July 24, 2006 (Last updated on May 26, 2007)

This is the ranking system I use for my clan starting from the lowest rank going to the highest:
  • Initiate: All new recruits start as an initiate for a minimum of one week. During this time they must prove to be an active and loyal member. After that time they are automatically promoted to the next rank.
  • Full Member: This is what the majority of the clan will be. These are members who proved themselves enough to get past the initiate rank. Since my clan has so few ranks this is what most people will stay at for the majority of their time in the clan.
  • Elite Member: Elite members are members who have proved themselves to be loyal, active, and valuable to the clan over a long period of time. The only ones who have gotten this rank in my clan are members that I have known for more than a year and continue to dedicate themselves to the clan.
  • Outer Circle Council Members: These are positions of power in the clan. In my clan there is one of these members for each game we focus on. They lead the clan in that game. We have elections for these positions every six months. Full members and Elite members are allowed to run for these positions if they are nominated.
  • Inner Circle Council Members: These are the leaders of the clan. It is made up of two High Elders in my clan. That way no one person has too much power.