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Pluses and Minuses of a Forum
by "Tekmal"
July 24, 2006

Forums are the whores of the clan world. Then can either help out so much that itís impossible to name all the ways, or she can give you a nasty VD by crashing or having members get into fights. Although forums provide a great addition to any clan, they can also become a problem.

Forums provide a great way for contact among members. For instance, if your clan supports many games, how are the members all supposed to stay in contact? Well, by using a forum, members will see each other on a daily basis, thus providing another way of contact. Amazing ain't it? Also, this lovely lady known as a forum can help provide you with endless hours of fun. If it can keep me, of all people, entertained for hours, then how can it not be a good thing?

Flaming, banning, locking topics, or even this old gal crashing are all potential pains in the ass you must deal with when a forum is involved. Not all members will get along, this is a given, and when they want to squabble, the forums is the most ideal place to go. After the flaming goes on, then you must deal with it by potentially banning someone or just locking a topic. How do you stop people from fighting? Well, you can always threaten a ban, but then youíre losing members. Best thing is just tell your members not to flame on your forums, and if they do, then topic is locked and a ban follows if another fight ensues. Perhaps, the biggest beef with forums is the possibility of the forum crashing out on you. When this happens, prospects and members alike get pissed. Your way of contact is subsequently gone. Now, what do you do? Well if your clan requires AIM, MSNM, or YIM, the problem is temporarily solved, but if you donít, then your screwed. The best advice I can give is to continually back up your forum while itís running smoothly and take every step to make that thing get back up as quick as you can.

Now kiddies, forums are wonderful gals. They will love you when no one else will, and they donít care what you look like. Then again she's not afraid to knock you over the head with a lamp and haul some ass with your money in hand. Forums are tricky, ladies and gents, so be wary.