The Central Outpost
Notes on Members and Recruiting
by "Immortal"
July 24, 2006 (Last updated on May 26, 2007)

  • Don't just accept someone just because they applied. This will only lead to failure. If you try and recruit like this you will be stuck with a clan full of inactive members.
  • Screen members before you allow them into your clan. My clan has a system to screen members where we have them as a low rank, Initiate, for at least one week in which time they must prove to be active and respectful. If they are they will be promoted right away.
  • Treat all new recruits the same. Do not promise a new recruit something special to get him to join. This will create jealousy among members and tension in the clan. If a person needs to be bribed to be in the clan then maybe they shouldn't be in a clan.
  • Make sure you know what the person is like before you make them a permanent member. You don't want someone joining and then suddenly he is starting trouble and disrespecting the clan. Kicking members out is a lot harder than getting them to join.
  • Have a good balance of quantity and quality members. Having a lot of members means nothing if they are inactive. It is better to have a small group that is very active and gets along well. That is one of the most important things I know about running a clan.
  • Don't be afraid to hurt someone's feelings. If you have a member who is causing a big problem try to work it out but if you can't then it is time for them to leave. If it is best for the clan then don't feel bad about it. But first make sure that what you are doing is really best for the clan not just you.
  • Keep you members interested. Schedule many events for them. Make sure you have the clan involved in as many games the members play as possible. Post lots of messages on the forum. It usually takes a good leader to post interesting subjects on the forum to get members active in it. Then they will start posting messages of their own.
  • Maintain a good atmosphere for members. People are not going to enjoy the clan if it feels like a dictatorship. They don't want to be told what to do all the time. They want to relax and have fun with a group of people they connect with.