The Central Outpost
Notes on Expanding Your Clan
by "Immortal"
July 24, 2006 (Last updated on May 26, 2007)

  • Be organized. If your clan isn't organized than it is destined to fail. I know from experience. Having a good government in place is a key element in becoming a powerful clan.
  • Don't spend all your time on one game. Some clans can become very powerful in one game but they are still nothing compared to a multi-game clan. Multi-game clans have the advantage because they can gain members from a wide variety of games and when a member gets bored of one game it doesn't mean they will get bored with the clan.
  • Welcome diversity. Another benefit of a multi-game is that they have people from many different areas with many different interests. Diversity makes the clan so interesting. It is fun to get to know each member for their unique interests and goals.
  • Get your name out. No one is going to join if they haven't heard of you. Get your name posted on as many sites as possible. If you think you can manage a high spot on a Top Sites list they are a great way to get well known. One of the best I think is the Central Outpost. I have my site listed there and it is a good site.
  • Get members to recruit. If a member befriends someone in a game they play have them invite them to join. It is a good way to find quality members because your old members do kind of a pre-screening for you.
  • Show confidence in your clan and display it proudly. I have my clan's name and a link to our site in my signature on most message boards that I go to. People are influenced by how much confidence you have in your own clan. If you act like a powerful clan you will become one.
  • Be on the lookout for new games. Some of the best times to get members is on the forums for a game that isn't out yet. People will join because they want to help establish your clan in that game. That makes for very loyal members. You can stir up a lot of excitement in the clan getting ready for the new games also. It gets everyone active again.
  • Make big changes every once and awhile. This gets the whole clan very active in all matters of it. This is not a method I just decided to make up. I saw that my clan needed a change and changed it. Every time my clan makes one of these big changes most members are ready to give their input. If you found the perfect way to have your clan then don't change it but most of us haven't got a perfect clan quite yet. wink
These methods have helped my own clan grow and succeed many times. I hope they are as successful for you as they are for me.