The Central Outpost
Keeping a Clan in Motion
by "Edward"
July 24, 2006 (Last updated on May 26, 2007)

Two of the most important things that I've found is that a clan needs both originality and a central HQ. Using both of these methods, I have managed to run a very successful clan on Empire Earth.

But, it is as Grizzly stated here in his article, very time consuming. Running a clan and keeping it going can not be done by just one person alone, and clan leaders that think they are going to run a clan single-handedly soon become overwhelmed.

Leaders need to swallow their pride and realize that you cannot be the one and only leader. You have to recruit others that are responsible, good, and loyal. In ADR we use a system in which I am the main founder. I have given up complete control of ADR and made four other ranks completely equal to mine in authority, so when I am not on the server, I can always count on another representative.

Also a clan cannot be the same as all others as you'll find out there. Clans must have an original idea, and maintain that originality. ADR, for example, was the first clan on Empire Earth to use a system of almost five completely equal leaders to run the clan, and it has lessened my workload enormously. It also brought all of our players together, because they know that they can count on the strength of five leaders to control and maintain the clan, as opposed to simply one or two.

The HQ is usually referred to as a website, and unless a clan has a website, it is nearly impossible to maintain and control the quittance and recruitment of members. But along with the great amount of organization that a site brings, it also brings a great deal of work. When a site is used as the primary HQ, you have to update it regularly to maintain the members trust in your commitment, as well as to make sure that the clan runs smoothly—every single member of your clan will look to this site as their reference to current situations within the clan.

Also having an organized forum that is strictly monitored will help to keep the clan organized. Many members like to joke around with each other as they have become friends through your site, but you must have a designated area for both joking around and serious discussion about the clan. But like the site, the leaders must maintain a steady presence on the forum to show, again, how committed they are.

Clans should have these sites and forums, but in order to make sure that all clan leaders agree on clan-related changes, it is very important to have a part of the forum where just the leaders can talk about advancing the clan.

As stated above, if you are going to start a clan, you need to seriously consider how committed you are going to be able to make yourself, and you also need to realize that maintaining a site is basically an everyday job, so you need to test the water there a bit first. Before jumping into a clan, take into account that it is truly not an easy job, and though it can become something to take a great amount of pride in, you must stick through it even during the bad times. Remember starting and maintaining a successful clan, depending on your willpower, can either make the game even more enjoyable for you, or ruin it all together.