The Central Outpost
by "Elite"
July 24, 2006

I started out with no experience, no contacts, and no idea. I just clicked the online button once thinking "that sounds fun" and quickly found out that it really was. Inspired by my early experiences, I decided to make a clan. And if I can do it, so can anyone! I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and ideas and what I have learned about clanning.

If you want to make a proper clan, you must be committed. Itís not easy and will take up quite a lot of your time. Patience helps, but other than that, if you really want to make a clan, you can!

First, you need a passion for the game youíre playing. If you donít like it, then how can you possibly lead/create a decent clan in it? The answer is simple: you canít. In my experience, the best way to start a clan is to first understand the game you have selected. Once you have a reasonable level of skill and understanding of the game, you can create a clan. You can also find someone on the game who you play with a lot and feel you can trust and make this person your "co-leader" or whatever other fancy title grabs you.

Next, youíll want to come up with a clan name that has a catchy abbreviation, and develop a general idea of what your goals will be and what you will stand for. Youíll need to devise a system with rules, rankings, awards, etc. for your clan. Youíll also need start thinking about a clan site and forum (a message board by which members and non-members can contact each other, give info on matches, etc.). You can find a list of free forums on this site. I believe that forums are a very useful key to a having a good clan.

From there, practice more and recruit in-game, in the lobbies, or recruit someone youíre in a game with. When you recruit people, I recommend only recruiting those who you think will be loyal, friendly, and active membersóones who will stay with you for a while and play a lot. Donít worry too much about skill levels to start with; you can all train together just through regular, clan-only games. Be sure to have a high level of communication with your initial members via instant messengers and the likes.

Once you have a few players, start to play many clan games or enter a league; it doesnít matter how well you do! The experience gained will be valuable. And remember to have some fun! After all, fun is the whole point, isnít it? As you play more, recruit more, and your clan should grow.

Lastly, Iíd like to wish to those of you who are just starting up a clan the best of luck!