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How Should I Lead My Clan?
by "Cedric(GoH)"
July 24, 2006

From my perspective I've found that being a relaxed leader is the best way. If you announce that your guild is going to have a meeting; make it optional not mandatory. Being a strict leader causes too many crevices in a guild. People will grow to dislike you if you are too authoritarian.

Remember, a guild is a place where people come to have a fun time. If people feel that they will be yelled at or face severe punishment for not showing up at a meeting or another guild function you will loose members. Create a fun environment for everyone; including yourself. When leading a guild becomes a burden you should know it's your time to hang up your hat and hand the leadership to someone else.

A guild does need leader(s) and people must know who is in charge but flaunting that will also divide the guild. I'm sure many guild leaders will argue with me on my point here but it makes your job as a leader far easier if you are a relaxed leader.

Expect some of your other leaders to come and go. People's lives change and they may no longer be able to help you lead your guild. Do not allow this to cripple or kill your guild off. This is where having a strong relationship with existing members and higher ranking guild members come into play. So, when a leader has to leave the guild; the transition won't be terrible shock(Sorry Shock no pun intended) to the guild.

Being a leader of a guild is definitely a job not to be taken lightly. You will have to put many hours of your life on the line to have successful leadership. Expect this no matter how you choose to run your guild. If you are a relaxed leader it will require not as much time; too authoritarian and it could take over your personal life.

All in all, you are the maker of your own guild and how you run your guild is your choice. Most of all ENJOY! I hope someone finds this post useful.